360㎡ villa with high-end marble decoration

The decoration of big houses often pays attention to the sense of atmosphere and luxury. The more luxurious the house, the more so. The following is a 360-square-meter single-family villa. The walls of the house are covered with marble, and the floor is covered with luxury stones. Chandeliers can be seen everywhere. There are several rooms more than other houses. The basement has a huge indoor swimming pool, but luxury is luxury. Many people ridicule it after seeing it. The more you look at it, the more it looks like a star hotel!

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The first impression of the whole villa is that it has a large space, which is more than enough for running and running at home. The hollow hall and two glass windows make it spacious and transparent. The walls are all paved with marble, and a mosaic sofa is placed in the middle, which is very convenient to use alone or in combination. The carpet is in the same color as the floor, which looks more coordinated, although the overall look is high-end and grand.

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Looking down on the living room from upstairs↓

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On the other side of the living room is the garage of the family. There is a small door opened in the corner. Usually, after returning home and parking the car, you can directly enter the living room without detours. The design of the moving line is very thoughtful.

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luxury stone——golden branches and jade leaves

The dining and kitchen space also uses a lot of marble paving, which has a strong visual effect. There is also a double sink design in the kitchen, which is more convenient for multiple people to use together. The open design can also communicate with family members while cooking.

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A double-layer drainer is installed in the glass wall cabinet above the sink, saving time and effort.

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There are floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the restaurant, and the light is very good. The long dining table is very suitable for gatherings of people during the New Year and holidays. The marble tabletop echoes the floor and is easy to scrub.

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Different from the living room, the master bedroom is mainly in warm colors, trying to create a simple and warm resting atmosphere. There is a bed end stool and a movable TV at the end of the bed, so you can change the space layout at any time if you get tired of watching it.

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The magnificent cloakroom has glass wardrobes on the left and right sides, and a jewelry cabinet in the middle.

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The design of the bathroom is completely the standard of a five-star hotel, covered with marble and full of style. Not only is it functional, but it also comes with large glass doors and curtains to ensure the privacy of the owners when needed.

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The shower room and the toilet are all separated by glass, and the wet and dry are completely separated to ensure that the washing area is clean and fresh.

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second bedroom

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marble——Ash wood grain


The layout of the study is relatively simple. The desk is placed in the middle, the bottom is reserved for a floor insert design, and there is an open bookshelf on the entire wall behind it. In addition to books, you can also store your favorite collections.

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The entertainment room should be standard in every basement. There are sofas for leisure, TV for watching movies, and a large wine cabinet for bartending and storage. When you are in a bad mood, you can watch movies here and have a few drinks. cup, relax yourself.

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The most amazing thing is the huge indoor swimming pool in the basement, with green plants and lamps on both sides, beautiful and airy, really not inferior to some resorts.

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Some people may complain that the house is cold and lifeless, but I have to say that it is really cool to live in a house with multiple functions, so do you like this luxury house decorated like a “star hotel”?