18 stone edging shapes

1. Straight edge shape

Straight edges are a great style for any kitchen or bathroom. Simple and elegant.

18 stone edging shapes插图18 stone edging shapes插图1



2. ¼ round edge

 ¼ rounded edge A simple shape suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Slight curves maximize the visual thickness of the stone. This look is suitable for both traditional and modern designs.

18 stone edging shapes插图2 18 stone edging shapes插图3

3. ¼ bevel

¼ beveled edges accentuate the thickness of the stone in the kitchen or bathroom. This edge is a good choice for homeowners whose countertop shapes don’t want rounded edges.

18 stone edging shapes插图4 18 stone edging shapes插图5

4. ¼ round

The ¼ rounded edge is slightly curved on both the upper and lower part of the stone.

18 stone edging shapes插图6 18 stone edging shapes插图7

5. Half rounded corners

Half-rounded edges are slightly curved on the top surface of the countertop, with a straight bottom

18 stone edging shapes插图8 18 stone edging shapes插图9

6. Half bevel

A great way to keep a straight line and overall look with half-beveled edges. The half-slope allows water to flow off the countertop without damaging the cabinets below.

18 stone edging shapes插图10 18 stone edging shapes插图11

7. Bull nose

Perfect for traditional kitchens or bathrooms. This edge is a timeless piece that gives your countertop a very smooth look by making it look thinner

18 stone edging shapes插图12 18 stone edging shapes插图13

8. Semicircle edge

The curve of the semicircular edge extends back than the other rounded edges, and the bottom is flat. The smooth shape cleans up any spills directly from it.

18 stone edging shapes插图14 18 stone edging shapes插图15

9. Beveled edge

The beveled edges are beautiful, and the top and bottom have the same strong sense of 45° angle. It has a strong appearance and is especially suitable for kitchen use.

18 stone edging shapes插图16 18 stone edging shapes插图17

10. Bevel

The beveled elongated slope will protect the cabinets from water and other liquids.

18 stone edging shapes插图18 18 stone edging shapes插图19

11. S-curve

The most popular edge shape for countertops, the edge features an S-curve that gives the kitchen the perfect feel.

18 stone edging shapes插图20 18 stone edging shapes插图21

12. French side

French sides are great for kitchen granite and marble


18 stone edging shapes插图22 18 stone edging shapes插图23

13. Beveled round edge

Beveled round edge Small bevel plus bottom rounded edge. Provides an extended edge appearance without taking up space.

18 stone edging shapes插图24 18 stone edging shapes插图25

14. Crescent fillet

Edge crescent curve, 90° angle connected with rounded edge. The refined edge shape is very modern.

18 stone edging shapes插图26 18 stone edging shapes插图27

15. Vertical rounded edge

The top of the vertical round edge is 90° vertical, connecting the large round edge, which is simple and elegant.

18 stone edging shapes插图28 18 stone edging shapes插图29

16. crescent edge

A simple and stylish look at the edge of the crescent edge, the crescent curve provides a unique visual experience.

18 stone edging shapes插图30 18 stone edging shapes插图31

17. Waterfall

The waterfall edge has multiple rounded edges. Waterfall edges give countertops a thick and elegant look, suitable for luxury kitchens.

18 stone edging shapes插图32 18 stone edging shapes插图33

18. Double bull nose

Double bullnose edge combined with two rounded edges. Reminiscent of the appearance of water flow.

18 stone edging shapes插图34 18 stone edging shapes插图35



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