Water seepage of stone curtain wall, influence on appearance and performance

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At present, the average annual stone usage of stone curtain walls in the world has already exceeded 100 million square meters. No matter which city we are in, we can quickly find large buildings with beautiful designs and use stone curtain walls. However, with the popularization of stone curtain walls comes the The pollution of the stone curtain wall, and even some beautiful buildings will be flooded with pollutants on the surface within three years after the completion and acceptance, making the building as a whole look old and old.

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Whether it is cleaning, maintenance or replacement, it will bring great costs to developers and property companies. Therefore, we only carefully analyze various possible reasons that may cause the stone curtain wall to become dirty at the beginning of design and construction, and timely Eliminating hidden dangers can help buildings maintain their lustrous appearance for longer. So, what should we do?

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01. Avoid setting the wrong drainage system
In many building examples, we often find that the same building, under the same material conditions, often has different levels of pollution in different places. Or at least there will be some stagnant water problems.
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(Once the stone curtain wall seeps water, it will have a great impact on the appearance and performance)
Where does the flooding problem come from? Generally speaking, the problem often occurs in two aspects. One is that the drainage slope is designed, but the wrong drainage direction is set, which causes the top water to be discharged inward, forming a certain amount of water.
When the water flows, it drives the accumulation of dust, so that the dust adheres to the surface of the stone and forms water marks. Over time, there will be more serious pollution on one side. On the other hand, the problem of stagnant water may also be caused by the unreasonable setting of the drainage pipe behind it.
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As a functional existence, the drainage pipes of many buildings are often exposed on the outer surface of the building. In order to pursue the integrity of their facades, some high-end villas often set the drainage pipes inside the stone curtain wall, which of course can add a lot of color to the appearance. .
However, it violates the principle of “form follows function”. Once there is water seepage in the drainage pipe, it is difficult to check for the first time, and it is often necessary to wait until the water seeps outside the stone panel. And by then, it was too late.
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These two factors that cause the hidden danger of water accumulation are the parts that are easily overlooked in the architectural design in recent years. Due to long-term sewage infiltration, it will cause irreversible damage to the strength and appearance of the stone itself.
Moreover, problems such as the rupture of the drain pipe are often difficult to check in the first time. Therefore, in actual operation, we should try our best to avoid setting up the wrong drainage system and try to avoid the occurrence of these hidden water hazards.
02. Try to choose the right surface material
There are many kinds of stone, and different stone products have different durability, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance.
Naturally, there are many stones that are only suitable for indoor use, but are not competent for the complex and changeable outdoor natural environment. If it is used for a long time, its performance and hardness will be affected to a certain extent.
In addition, some stones, such as sandstone, have many pores on the surface. Over time, it is easy to produce black spots due to the growth of mold, and even green moss grows, which brings great trouble to the nursing work.
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Therefore, in practical work, we should analyze the specific situation. By carefully examining and analyzing the climatic conditions around the building and the actual needs of the project design, try to choose the appropriate stone as the curtain wall material, such as granite.
Of course, before installation, we should also pay attention to the treatment of the material. On the one hand, after selecting a suitable stone panel, it is necessary to immerse and protect the six sides to avoid other pollution sources on the outside.
It is necessary to ensure that the waterproof measures are in place as much as possible, and do not miss the brush; on the other hand, for the original base surface with large pores, cracks, and unequal defects, it is also necessary to repair and smooth it as much as possible.
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03. Install insulation in the correct way
During the installation of many stone curtain walls, it is often accompanied by the filling of thermal insulation materials. In many practical operation cases in the past, the staff generally used thermal insulation cotton.
In most cases, the outer surface of the thermal insulation cotton will be wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil when it is transported to the site to isolate moisture and keep the thermal insulation cotton dry. However, many workers in construction units do not understand its use. Some people think it’s just packaging, tearing it up during construction abounds.
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As a result, once the rainy season occurs, the weight of the insulation cotton will increase after fully absorbing water, causing it to collapse from the original structure, so that the insulation material cannot play an effective heat preservation and energy saving effect.
What’s more serious is that the slump of the insulation cotton leads to the accumulation of waste cotton at the bottom, and the insulation cotton that has absorbed enough water is closely attached to the stone panel and connecting parts, which not only easily causes oxidation, but also causes moisture to penetrate deep into the capillary pores of the stone. Forms uneven water spots. Therefore, in the actual operation process, we should also pay attention to installing the insulation material in the correct way.
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(Insulation material is an indispensable part in the installation process of stone curtain wall)
04. Use qualified sealants and adapters
According to past experience, the pollution of stone sealant to stone panels is the greatest.
Due to the characteristics of its material, the sealant often penetrates continuously from the edge of the stone to the interior in the process of eroding the stone. Over time, whether it is physical cleaning or chemical cleaning, it cannot be effectively cleaned.
Therefore, in the process of construction, we should try to choose a good quality sealant, and before use, it is necessary to conduct an oil leakage test on the selected sealant.
Only a non-polluting sealant can prevent all kinds of dirt and oily substances from penetrating into the stone and causing pollution.
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(The contamination of the material by the inferior stone sealant is irreversible)
In addition, the curtain wall structure needs to be connected with stainless steel or aluminum alloy. In the past, due to cost considerations, stainless steel was usually used more widely. However, some construction companies cut corners and use stainless iron to make up for it.
In the early stage of the construction, the poor quality adapter pendant will not have a great impact on the building, but as the years of use increase, the galvanized layer on the metal surface is worn, and iron oxide will be formed under the oxidation of water, and the rust will It is easy to penetrate gradually through the connection part, resulting in rust marks on the stone panel.
Therefore, in the construction process, we should also strictly control the quality of the transfer pendant to avoid such accidents.