180㎡ minimalist villa, pure modernism

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The style of villas is always luxurious and dazzling, often with classical style, European culture, or Chinese style. When modernity meets light luxury and enters the villa, a kind of unexpected beauty that is calm, fashionable, but exquisite in style also surprises everyone.

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luxury marble—Fish Maw White


The style is mainly pure white and minimalist, and a large amount of white space produces an artistic language similar to photography and painting, emphasizing the integration between man, nature and architectural interiors, and minimalism brings the ultimate immersive atmosphere.
In a piece of pure white, the texture of marble injects vitality into it. When they are integrated to build a unique space background, it will become an indispensable warm presence in the home.

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Everyone must publish a layout rendering before selecting a product. Marble slabs are colorful, with various tones and patterns, which is the charm of marble slabs. Professional marble suppliers can give you a real marble effect drawing based on the design drawing of your home. After you choose the slab, they will scan the real pattern of each slab, and then design different pattern paving methods. To determine the effect of the final shop in your home. This is very important, because some large grains of marble will not look good if they are not laid correctly or even if the grains are not connected! ! There is no effect, so how to spread is also very important.

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