Matters needing attention when installing marble stairs

Stone stairs are an indispensable and important part of the home decoration of villas. Many designers will choose marble as the material of stairs, and the effect is often very surprising, which achieves the texture aesthetics of mansion life.

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rosin jade

However, such a beautiful and atmospheric stone staircase even has a case of overturning. Today Xiaopeng will analyze a few cases of stone stairs overturning. It is absolutely useful for you who are decorating.

material selection

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It is very sad to see some users who feel that they have been fooled by the jazz white stone, and the marble stairs made are too expensive, which is different from the jazz white material on the Internet.
In fact, the reason for this is mainly because the owner did not look at the entire large board when selecting materials. Due to the geological effect of natural marble, there will be some cracks, trachoma, and stains, and each marble is different. You don’t know whether there are stains and cracks in other parts of the board, and you can’t judge it by looking at the sample. The overall effect is good, so be sure to go to the scene to see the big board.

Yan value overturned

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Hermes Grey

Some netizens feel that their stairs are too expensive, and their appearance does not meet their expectations.
The marble slabs are colorful, diverse in tones, and the patterns are all the same, which is the precious charm of marble slabs. So before doing it, be sure to do the renderings. Professional marble suppliers can give you a real marble renderings based on the design drawings of your home. After you select the plates, they will scan the real pattern of each plate, and then design different pattern paving methods. To you to determine the final effect of paving in your home. This is very important, because there are some very large marble lines, if they are not paved or not connected, it will not look good! ! It doesn’t work either, so it’s also very important how to lay it.

yellowed rollover

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The white marble staircase decorated by the user has turned yellow before it has been put into use.
White marble is a stone that is prone to yellowing. There are several main reasons:
First, when the ferrous minerals in the white marble are oxidized by the oxygen in the air to ferric iron and hydrated with ferric hydroxide, they form what we often call rust, commonly known as spit yellow.
Second, white marble is also very easy to turn yellow when it encounters an alkaline solution.
Third, when the alkaline water of the cement slurry seeps through the marble and reacts with the organic matter in the marble, it will generate colored products, which are brought to the stone surface by the water, forming pollutants on the stone surface.
Of course, some external factors can also cause yellowing of white marble, such as wear, improper care, waxing, mirror treatment and installation process may cause yellowing of white marble.
What should I do if the white marble turns yellow?
If the yellowing phenomenon has occurred on the marble surface, first of all, the cause of the yellowing must be confirmed. If it is confirmed that it is rust formed by oxidation, it can be cleaned with a professional rust and yellowing agent.
The choice of rust-removing and yellowing-removing agent is also very important. Because marble has poor acid resistance, it can be diluted to a certain extent before cleaning, or a weakly acidic cleaning agent or a neutral cleaning agent can be directly selected to reduce the damage to the stone panel. harm.
Second, choose a marble cleaner. It can penetrate into the micropores of carbonate stones such as marble, limestone, dolomite, serpentine, etc. to remove various macular and stains such as tea, coffee, straw yellow, etc. Pigment remains inside.

size rollover

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Some users’ marble stairs are not the right size, and they can’t put their feet down, so they can only smash and redo them in tears.
According to the national standard, the height of the steps of public stairs is 160-170mm, and the cement base stairs in common homes are set according to this standard. At present, the height of the finished home stairs on the market is generally 170-210mm, and about 180mm is the most economical and practical choice. This is applicable whether it is for ordinary stairs or other types of jump stairs. For adults, the minimum width of stair treads should be 240mm, and a comfortable width should be around 280-300mm. In terms of ergonomics, the lower the height of the stair tread and the larger the width, is the most comfortable for the human body. As shown in the renderings of the staircase decoration above. Of course, the most suitable size must be considered in combination with other factors, so the scientificity of the pedal spacing setting should also be paid attention to during acceptance.
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There is no doubt about the beauty of marble stairs, but everyone should beware of overturning when decorating. For more stone knowledge, please follow us!