How to deal with scratches on marble floors?

Now in home decoration, many people choose marble and other stone floors when decorating, although these floors are beautiful and fashionable. If a hard object falls on the floor, it will leave scratches on the floor, which will affect the aesthetics and overall effect of the floor. How to deal with scratches on the marble floor?

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The floor surface is slightly scratched

You can apply an appropriate amount of toothpaste on the scratches of the marble floor, and then brush the scratches with a toothbrush repeatedly. You will find that the scratches gradually fade until they disappear. This method is more suitable for light-colored marble floors.

Scratch classification

One is the scratches on the surface of the floor tiles, the marble surface structure is not damaged, and the floor surface has no traces after cleaning.

Another kind of marble scratches, such as scratching the brick surface with iron nails or sharp iron tools, forms scratches that damage the brick surface. After the scratches on the floor tiles are removed, they must be repaired, otherwise they will become dirty soon, and a black scratch mark will be formed again.

Therefore, for the above two kinds of scratches, floor tile repair agent can be used to repair the floor scratches. Use a brush to touch the repair agent to trace the scratches, and then paint again after 30 minutes, and repeat after drying. Until the scratches are reflective from the side, the scratches of the floor tiles can be kept clean for a long time after treatment; in addition, the scratches that are deeply scratched on the surface of the bricks can also be polished with a water mill, but be careful polishing, otherwise it will appear Dimples or greater damage to the board surface, such as dull, wider scratches.

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Scratches from metal push-pull

It will be more difficult to remove scratches on the floor tiles, in order to be able to remove metal scratches on the floor with less effort and faster. It can be soaked in detergent for 3 minutes before scrubbing. The floor tile cleaner will become loose after it reacts with metal scratches and decomposes. Wipe it with a damp towel and the cleaning agent with a little force, and the clean and new tile surface will appear immediately, without affecting the surface of the floor tile, and the gloss will not change in any way.

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Deep scratch treatment method

The first thing to determine is the grinding, and the judgment is the depth of the scratches. The shallower parts can be polished with 2000# and 3000# grinding discs to remove the scratches. If the scratches are very deep, they need to be processed from coarse grinding to fine grinding. Local deep scratches can also be removed by local grinding.
Minor scratches on marble can be polished with marble polishing powder. Granite (granite) or stone with silica as the main component can be polished with granite polishing powder. Glass polishing powder is used for glass as the main component. Filling and polishing with polishing powder can significantly reduce the scratches and increase the overall brightness, which can achieve a good repair effect.

1. Clean the work surface.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water.

3. Sprinkle with polishing powder and mix thoroughly.

4. Use the wool polishing wheel to polish from low to high speed until the surface is warm.

If you want to solve it completely, you can replace the faulty brick or re-sand it.

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