How to choose villa stone island?

In recent years, the design of the island platform has been favored by advocates of simple and luxurious life. Almost all modern home decoration villas or large flats can see the island platform. Today, I would like to share with you the relevant knowledge of the stone island platform~

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marble——rosin jade

Four functions of stone island platform

Cooking process:

In addition to the smooth stone panel, the stone island table can be used as a cooking table, which can be used for processing ingredients, kneading noodles, and storing things. It can also be equipped with a sink and built-in home appliances, which is convenient for cooking.

Dining table:

The integrated stone island of the dining table and island has a dining area, and you can enjoy the food as soon as you turn around and put it down. Moreover, the dining table is long enough to better and more comfortably meet the functions of eating, socializing, learning, having fun, drinking tea and so on.

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luxury stone—Cold Jadeite

Storage experts:

Design some storage space under the stone island, which can well hide the sundries in the kitchen.

cut off:

The design of the stone island platform can naturally form a space partition for the open design, and divide the functional area into partitions. In addition to separating the kitchen, dining room and other areas, it also enhances the mutual linkage between the two areas, making the island platform a transition between the previous and the next. area.

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marble——black ice flower

Stone island options

In terms of functionality, marble, a natural stone, is very suitable for the island in the kitchen because: marble is physically stable, well-organized, and has excellent high temperature resistance; it has good rigidity, high hardness, and strong wear resistance; it is beautiful and dignified, Elegant style, easy to clean; the surface does not have burrs, does not affect its plane accuracy, can ensure long-term deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, and high mechanical precision.

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In terms of appearance, the charm of marble lies in the uniqueness of its characteristics and texture. Marble is the most precious and popular material everlasting. It has a noble appearance and is the most fascinating natural stone.



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