How to choose the stone exterior wall of the villa?

When the villa is being built, the decoration of the exterior walls is often very important. The facade of the all-stone-paved villa is simple and full of quality and beauty. Naturally, stone has become a popular material for the exterior wall of luxury villas. So what kind of stone should be chosen for the exterior wall of the villa?

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1. Marble

Marble has a wide variety of colors and varieties, and is a rare natural building material. However, marble is generally only used for interior decoration surfaces of buildings, such as interior walls, floors, etc.;
Only a few marbles, such as white marble, mugwort and other stable and durable varieties with pure quality and few impurities, can be used outdoors. This is determined by the physical properties of marble. The hardness of marble is generally not very high, but the exterior wall of villa stone needs to be exposed to the wind and the sun, and it needs stone with relatively stable physical properties.


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Marble variety



2. Granite

Granite does not have as many patterns as marble in terms of appearance, but it is mostly used for building wall foundations and exterior wall finishes. It can be processed by technology and can be used for high-rise and super-high-rise exterior stone curtain walls. Granite is structurally composed of small particles. Granite is the hardest stone. Because of its hard steel, anti-corrosion and mirror reflection effect, it has super durability. Therefore, it is currently the most commonly used exterior wall stone.
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Granite varieties

3. Sandstone

Sandstone is simple and generous, rough and natural; the patterns change strangely, just like tree rings, wood patterns, and landscape paintings in nature; it is very elegant, warm, and luxurious. At the same time, it has good compressive and wear-resistant properties. The Louvre Museum, the US Capitol Building, and Notre Dame Cathedral, which were decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago, still have their charms.
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4. Travertine

Travertine, a natural stone, is a kind of geological sedimentary rock. It is named because of the many holes on the surface. Its scientific name is travertine. Natural travertine is only produced in Rome, Italy, Iran and Turkey. Travertine makes people feel mild and rich in texture, and the decorated buildings often have a strong cultural and historical charm.
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